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On Procrastination

Posted in Just for Fun, Time management/productivity

Wednesday’s post Top Ten Tips to Overcome Overwhelm apparently hit a nerve with more than a few readers!  In comments sent directly to me by email, procrastination was identified as the top challenge for many of you.  In response, I’d like to offer you a video — which may be enabling procrastination, but it’s a… Continue Reading

PDA Peace

Posted in Time management/productivity

Pavlov’s dog had nothing on most BlackBerry/iPhone/BlackJack/other PDA users.  All too often, we (and I include myself) hear the “beep” or feel the vibration and pounce immediately, even in the middle of a sentence — our own or someone else’s.  And I’ve seen (and though I’d prefer not to admit it, experienced) the discomfort that… Continue Reading

What’s the most important step you can take?

Posted in Billing time, Coaching for lawyers, Evaluations and feedback, The practice, Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

 Only 34 days remain in 2007, including weekends and holidays.  Before we know it, the books will close and another year will have passed.  What’s the most important step you can take today to ensure that you’re well-positioned as you move into 2008? Business development: Perhaps you could set aside a couple of hours to… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts — 10/2/07

Posted in Client development, Quick hits, Time management/productivity

A few things I’ve been collecting in the last week… 1.  Fundamental attribution error  This is a new term for me, though the idea is familiar.  Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project blogs about our human tendency to assume that other people’s actions reflect their character or attitudes and to overlook the environmental influences that may shape… Continue Reading

Five Foundations of Time Management for Attorneys

Posted in Special offers, Time management/productivity

Have you ever struggled with time management challenges?  If you’re like most lawyers (myself included), it’s sometimes difficult to make sure that everything that needs to get done does get done.  During my years in practice, I learned a number of time management strategies, and I now share those with my clients.  On October 11… Continue Reading

Simplicity: where personal and professional meet

Posted in Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

One of the rules I keep in mind when writing  is that good writing is clear, crisp, and simple.  The same rule often applies more generally as well.  As Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” When it comes to managing one’s personal life while maintaining a practice, “simple” is… Continue Reading

Blog bankruptcy

Posted in Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

One of the fundamental tenents of work/life balance, work/life integration, or any other name one might choose to describe the relationship between time applied on professional and personal matters is simple: conscious decisions on what to do and what to forego are mandatory, because no one can do everything.  My husband has a photo in his office… Continue Reading

Back to the real world: how do you return from vacation?

Posted in Musings, Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

By the time this posts, I will likely have landed back at the Atlanta airport, home from vacation and from the ABA annual meeting.  First, I’d like to thank Peter Vajda publicly for his posts.  Relationship is always an interesting topic, and I believe that in many ways our relationships shape and promote or inhibit… Continue Reading

Recreation: a foundation of balance and productivity

Posted in Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

It occurred to me this week that there’s (at least) one activity that, perhaps counterintuitively, is a foundation of work/life balance and productivity: recreation. While coaching a client this week and introducing Stephen Covey’s Urgent/Important quadrant system for prioritizing and completing tasks, I explained that true recreation — something that’s reenergizing, that “re-creates,” rather than passive… Continue Reading

Resolving office conflict

Posted in Time management/productivity

Welcome back from the holiday weekend.  I hope everyone enjoyed some relaxation over the long weekend! I’ve observed over and over that lawyers tend not to be very good at managing in-office problems.  It’s easy to try to wait out conflict when there’s a lot going on otherwise, because the work that must be done… Continue Reading

Are you busy — Or productive?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, For new lawyers, The practice, Time management/productivity

One of the most important pieces of coaching rests in illuminating distinctions.  I have several favorites that come up in the course of a great many coaching engagements: reaction vs. response, hearing vs. listening, assertion vs. assessment, interesting vs. purposeful, and so on.  One distinction is particularly relevant to effective action: busy vs. productive.  My… Continue Reading

Another take on what constitutes work/life balance and why it matters

Posted in Time management/productivity, Work/life balance

I’ve been rereading First Things First, by Stephen Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca Merrill recently, as I’m creating my list of “must read” books for clients concerned with time management, work/life balance, and the like.  This book was first published in 1994 and I read it then.  Perhaps the best accolade I can give… Continue Reading

Ultimate guide to productivity: My tip

Posted in Time management/productivity

Cristina Favreau, The Savvy Entrepreneur, has tagged me to participate in The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, started by Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog.  The rules are as follows: Write a post on your best productivity tips. Challenge yourself by picking your single best productivity tip (although this isn’t a requirement; you can give us more… Continue Reading