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Want more business? Join the complimentary Legal Rainmakers Virtual Symposium

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When you’re working to build a book of business, you find a lot of information coming at you.  What to do may not be a mystery, but how to fit it all together is.  Sometimes it’s even difficult to get information about what to do without getting a sales pitch. It’s frustrating–and frankly, who has time?  You need actionable tips… Continue Reading

Special Invitation

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Have you ever wished that you could just focus on practicing law, and not have to worry about getting clients? So many of the lawyers I work with tell me they just wish for a magic wand that would make clients appear.  Of course, we all know that isn’t going to happen!  But I do… Continue Reading

WRA 12/1/09: Are you doing it wrong?

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I recently spoke with a lawyer who had tried a variety of business development activities, all to no avail.  She’d written articles, she’d taught seminars, she’d advertised, she’d attended some networking events, she’d posted her profile on various social networking sites, and so on.  But after all of that, she didn’t have any results to… Continue Reading

Will you make 2010 your best year yet in practice?

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Join the Lawyers’ Business Development Boot Camp On last week’s call Business Development Made Simple, I introduced the Lawyers’ Business Development Boot Camp, a 7-week program that’s designed to harness the opportunities that come at the end of 2009 to propel you into your best year in practice yet.   The Boot Camp includes several… Continue Reading

Attention aspiring rainmakers!

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You know how important business development skills are to success in law, right?  Now more than ever, rainmaking ability is one of the most critical aspects of practice.    Without enough clients, you’re guaranteed to experience stress and worry, not to mention the anxiety of figuring out how to bring in more clients or find some… Continue Reading

Bad news in the legal job market… And opportunity?

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Anyone who hasn’t been living underneath a rock for the last few months is aware that the legal market is down for new hires and that law firms are cutting lawyers.  Proof?  Check the Layoff List published by the American Lawyer, which details layoffs at AmLaw 200 law firms.  The lateral market is “officially flooded,” and… Continue Reading

Discovering my inner “hot worm”.. And changes for 2008

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 Perhaps you’ve heard this: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!”  I’ve seen that quote, or similar ones, attributed to everyone from Confucius to Harvay MacKay.  Now, here’s my corollary:  even so, you will nevertheless sometimes need to adjust priorities, to take time off, and to shift what you do.  

Five Foundations of Time Management for Attorneys

Posted in Special offers, Time management/productivity

Have you ever struggled with time management challenges?  If you’re like most lawyers (myself included), it’s sometimes difficult to make sure that everything that needs to get done does get done.  During my years in practice, I learned a number of time management strategies, and I now share those with my clients.  On October 11… Continue Reading

Happy Labor Day and a special opportunity

Posted in Special offers, Work/life balance

                                    Happy Labor Day, everyone!  I hope you’re taking at least a part of today for fun and recreation.  As for me, I’m back to my “office” for more reading and writing.  I’m cooking up some new plans for Life at the Bar for this year.  (After being in school for so long, September… Continue Reading

Is someone you work with driving you nuts?

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Yesterday, I offered some examples of the “communication chaos” that often runs rampant in law firms and gave a sneak peek on a teleseminar that I’m offering along with two colleagues to teach participants how to avoid chaos and communicate most effectively.  Here’s more about the teleseminar and what you’ll learn by participating, along with the… Continue Reading