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Monday Shorts 2/25/08

Posted in Quick hits, Women and the law

  Blawg Review #148  Hosted by Brett Trout of BlawgIT, Blawg Review #148 is devoted to Internet Memes, complete with the requisite YouTube videos.  Who could resist this? While considering a theme for this week’s Blawg Review, it struck me that lawyers do not spend as much time aimlessly meandering the web as would, for instance,… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts: 2/12/08

Posted in Quick hits

 Blawg Review #146: As a former patent litigator, I couldn’t skip past Blawg Review #146, hosted by Stephen M. Nipper of The Invent Blog.  Honoring National Inventor’s Day (which was yesterday, Feb. 11), #146 offers interesting patent trivia (c’mon, there is such a thing!) as well as other IP-related and some general blawg posts.  I was… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts 12/18/07

Posted in For new lawyers, Quick hits

What’s your “brand”?  There’s a lot of discussion about “brand” these days — not just for products, but also for companies and increasingly even for individuals.  “Brand” encompasses who you are in your career, and conscious management of “brand” can help you to craft how you come across and how others think of you.  As you… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts 12/11/07

Posted in For new lawyers, Quick hits, Women and the law, Work/life balance

 Survival tips for new associates:  David Dummer, an associate in the Dallas office of Weil, Gotshal &  Manges, has written an article with 10 survival tips for new associates.  Although the tips are not particularly revolutionary, they set a good framework for new associates and might serve as a reminder for more advanced lawyers.  Some… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts 11/27/07

Posted in Quick hits

 Lessons Learned on Balance: I’ve read Ellen Rappaport Tanowitz’s article Balancing Act: Lessons Learned (published in the September issue of the ABA’s GP/Solo New Lawyer newsletter) several times now, and it’s touched me each time.  After recounting the story of death at an unconscionably young age, Tanowitz writes: Luke’s dad has taught me some very valuable lessons, that… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts: 11/20/07

Posted in Quick hits

 Leadership Development for Lawyers  Mark Beese, the “marketing guy” at Holland & Hart, shared a firm’s approach to establishing a leadership development program on his aptly named blog Leadership for Lawyers.  Two points from his post struck me particularly, as follow: 1.  There is not an outcry from lawyers for leadership development.  Many partners already see… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts 11/13/07

Posted in Quick hits

 Work/life imbalance stereotypes: Tom Stern, a Fast Company expert blogger on work/life balance issues, has posted a list of the Top Ten Work/Life Balance Turn-Offs.  This list of stereotypical characters (who may show up just in time to destroy your work/life balance) is both amusing and a good warning for those evaluating potential co-workers and… Continue Reading

Bad clients and bad news

Posted in Quick hits, The practice

There is such a thing as a bad client…  Tom Kane’s Legal Marketing Blog inquires, Are Bad Clients Keeping You Up At Night?  If you have bad clients (or wonder whether you do), the answer is surely yes.  Tom draws from a post on the Bootstrapper blog to help identify bad client characteristics and to… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts 11/6/07

Posted in Quick hits

Energizing Associates Cordell Parvin offers a terrific post this week on what law firms can do to energize associates.  His suggestions focus largely on making sure that associates understand how their work directly benefits the firm’s clients and providing meaningful feedback that ties in with each lawyer’s unique career plan.  Sadly, as Parvin observes, “law… Continue Reading

Monday Shorts 10/22/07

Posted in Blogs I like, Quick hits

This week’s shorts are posted on Monday instead of Tuesday for two reasons: first, because some very skilled people have been making (as-yet not visible, but substantial) changes to my blog and I don’t want to upset that applecart, and second, because I’ve been in San Diego for the past week for a conference and… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts: 10/16/07

Posted in Client development, Quick hits

Today’s shorts are very, very short. Email interpretation:  We’ve come to rely on email as a quick and easy way to get a message across.  Quicker than voicemail and an easy way to create a record, we use email for everything from assignments to news to forwarding jokes.   David Giacalone of f/k/a offers commentary on a… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts: 10/9/07

Posted in Quick hits, Women and the law

A few things from the last week that deserve to be highlighted… Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith, Esq. offers a fascinating interview with Bruce Stachenfeld of Duval & Stachenfeld, a New York-based firm that’s made the news recently with its unusual compensation plan.  The firm pays first-year lawyers $60,000 and calls them “opportunity associates.”  The… Continue Reading

Tuesday Shorts — 10/2/07

Posted in Client development, Quick hits, Time management/productivity

A few things I’ve been collecting in the last week… 1.  Fundamental attribution error  This is a new term for me, though the idea is familiar.  Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project blogs about our human tendency to assume that other people’s actions reflect their character or attitudes and to overlook the environmental influences that may shape… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts 9/25/07

Posted in Quick hits

Anne Reed of Deliberations hosted this week’s Blawg Review #127.  It’s a cleverly arranged Blawg Review, using the “17 best tips for voir dire” as an organizing theme.  Reading this round will not only teach you about voir dire (with tips such as #4 watch for points of view, #8 watch for the quiet ones,… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts: 9/18/07

Posted in Quick hits

I posted a few weeks ago about Saying NO, and I recently ran across a post on The Marketing Mix that suggests 7 ways to say no in a post titled, How to say “no, thanks”.  After all, as is so often true with communication, it’s just as important to know how to say it as… Continue Reading

Tuesday shorts

Posted in Quick hits

As I recover from declaring blog bankruptcy, I’m finding time to stay up on the marvelous things going on in the blogosphere.  So, today I introduce Tuesday shorts, a collection of references to interesting posts I’ve run across recently.  Drowning in email?  I say a hearty AMEN to Dan Hull‘s (of What About Clients?) post… Continue Reading