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Your Leadership Matters

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Leadership

I’ve been struggling with how to address last Friday’s tragedy in Newtown.  Perhaps you are from the Connecticut area; more likely, you’re a parent from another part of the country or world.  I am neither, and yet last Friday’s events have shaken me to my core.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those directly… Continue Reading

What’s the difference between leadership and management – and why does it matter?

Posted in Leadership

In listening to conversations about leadership development, I’ve noticed a tendency that at first I attributed to a slip of the tongue. People say things like, “So good management – I mean, leadership – requires [this that and the other].” Some people even suggest that management and leadership are really the same thing and that… Continue Reading

Does leadership matter for lawyers?

Posted in Leadership

Today marks the release of the first issue of the new twice-monthly e-newsletter, Leadership Matters for Lawyers.  My conversations with lawyers have revealed deep interest in the topic of leadership.  Law firms have initiated leadership development programs and bar associations have instituted Leadership Academies.  Attorneys are reading (and writing) books that address how leaders are… Continue Reading

Letter to a young lawyer

Posted in For new lawyers, Leadership, The practice

Some months ago, Stephanie West Allen requested that fellow bloggers write a “letter to a young lawyer.”  Susan Carter Liebel has recently renewed the request  and I am delighted to join in, at last. To the new attorney: Welcome to the practice!  You’ve learned much over the last three years of law school, and you… Continue Reading

“Managing up” in law firms

Posted in Leadership, The practice

 One of the interesting things about practicing law is that, until relatively recently, little discussion occurred about how to advance in practice beyond becoming a top-notch practitioner.  While I have no doubt that other skills  have always been required (the ability to communicate well, to lead well, etc.), it’s quite clear to me that more… Continue Reading

How do others see you?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Leadership

One aspect of coaching that oftens initially surprises my clients is that I offer feedback that shows them something they hadn’t previously appreciated, something that reveals another factor or aspect of a situation and perhaps changes my client’s view of things. For instance, I was working with one client (let’s call her Barb) who was hoping… Continue Reading