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On Procrastination

Posted in Just for Fun, Time management/productivity

Wednesday’s post Top Ten Tips to Overcome Overwhelm apparently hit a nerve with more than a few readers!  In comments sent directly to me by email, procrastination was identified as the top challenge for many of you.  In response, I’d like to offer you a video — which may be enabling procrastination, but it’s a… Continue Reading

Friday funny: interview with Giovanni Diviacchi

Posted in Just for Fun

How many clients does it take to change a light bulb?  One: the client holds it and then expects the world to revolve around him. Have you ever wished for ammunition to fire back against lawyer jokes?  Meet Giovanni Diviacchi, author of How Many Clients Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?   Giovanni has created… Continue Reading

Second Annual “Lawyers Appreciate…”

Posted in Just for Fun, News, The Secret Society of Happy Lawyers

 Last December, Stephanie West Allen (of Idealawg and Brains on Purpose(tm)) and I launched a 10-day campaign that we called “Lawyers Appreciate…”  We asked legal bloggers to make a post, sharing the things and people they most appreciate in the practice of law.  And we were delighted with the results, which you can find summarized here. … Continue Reading

Just for fun: Time management skills

Posted in Just for Fun

Time management has been on my mind this week, since I’m delivering a workshop tomorrow on that topic.  It often figures in coaching, sometimes as a key presenting issue and often as a secondary issue that comes to light in the course of the engagement.   Procrastination is always a big one.  It’s especially challenging for… Continue Reading

Wednesday Grab Bag

Posted in Blogs I like, Just for Fun, News

Another pointer to some interesting goings-on…  1.  The 800-CEO-READ Blog has an interesting post about the necessity of praising twentysomething workers for absolutely everything, because parents, teachers, and so on have rewarded this generation with everything from verbal reminders to winner’s ribbons and gold stars, following on a similar (but unlinked) WSJ article published last weekend.  The post… Continue Reading

Monday Grab bag

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Just for Fun

Travel week here: I’ll be speaking on Wednesday at the NALP annual conference, on Facilitating a Successful Transition from Student to Lawyer.  Since the conference is in Keystone, CO, I seized the opportunity to spend some time in Colorado and Wyoming over the weekend and into this week.  I flew into Denver (home of Stephanie West Allen,… Continue Reading

Tag, I’m it: Gotta Get Goals

Posted in Just for Fun, Musings

Stephanie West Allen has tagged me to participate in the Gotta Get Goals meme.  The idea is to share 5-10 over-the-top, fabulous goals that I will need to achieve to say I’ve reached my wildest dreams in life.  Now, that’s fun! I’ve always kept goal lists in one form or another, simply because I think it’s… Continue Reading

Wednesday Grab Bag

Posted in Just for Fun, News

Several interesting things popping today that I’d like to share. 1.  Check out the post on Social Intelligence on Bruce MacEwan’s blog, Adam Smith, Esq.   It’s a brief explanation of what social intellligence is, why it matters, and why even (or perhaps especially) lawyers who are not generally inclined to explore such issues ought to pay attention. 2.  Bob… Continue Reading

The Secret Society of Happy Lawyers

Posted in Just for Fun, Musings, The practice, The Secret Society of Happy Lawyers

In the discussions that led up to the Lawyers Appreciate…  countdown, Stephanie West Allen mentioned the Secret Society of Happy People to me.  The name captured me – raptured me! — and it kept floating back to the surface as we were choosing the name for the countdown. Stephanie recently requested authorization from Pamela Gail Johnson, the creator… Continue Reading

Joining in the “Lawyers Appreciate” countdown

Posted in Just for Fun, News, The practice

Here’s a list of those who’ve joined in the “Lawyers Appreciate…” countdown.  I’ll keep updating it as new posts are added.  Thanks to those who are participating! Added 1/9/07: Although the Lawyers Appreciate… countdown was officialy set to run 12/22-31/06, I’m thrilled to see continuing appreciations!  I’ll keep updating as long as legal bloggers keep… Continue Reading

Lawyers Appreciate… A 10-day countdown

Posted in Just for Fun, News

Welcome to Day 1 of the 10-day “Lawyers Appreciate” countdown!  Stephanie West Allen, the voice behind Idealawg and TrackKnacks, and I have been corresponding for some months now.  One of the many topics we’ve discussed is our shared desire to launch an appreciative look at the law, lawyers, and practice in the legal blogosphere.  And that’s how the… Continue Reading

Echoes of law school exams

Posted in Just for Fun

I enjoy working with law students; I consult with a law school and often join in panels and roundtable discussions with and for students.  Beginning just before Thanksgiving, students get very quiet, and those who aren’t quiet are anxiety-ridden.  That always prompts me to overwhelming gratitude that I no longer have to suffer law school… Continue Reading

A fun link

Posted in Just for Fun

What’s better than a really funny lawyer joke? Funny cartoons by a lawyer, about lawyers/practice, using “insider humor.” To find out what I’m talking about, visit Scribble-in-Law.  I guarantee a smile.

Friday Grab Bag: Creativity enhancers, procrastination, and gifts for legal professionals

Posted in Just for Fun, News

Thinking of leaving the law?  Over the last couple of weeks, the JD Bliss blog has featured several stories about lawyers who’ve left the law or found a way to combine practice with creative pursuits like making jewelry and writing.  And if you’re a lawyer nurturing a creative dream, read This Time I Dance: Creating the Work… Continue Reading

Check your knowledge of big firm slang

Posted in Just for Fun

I ran across a cute article today that, tongue-in-cheek, seeks to define common slang as used in large law firms.  Tricky stuff, like associate, partner, paralegal, etc.  Check it out here. What’s notable to me about this article and about the lifestyle at which it (not entirely gently) pokes fun?  First, humorous as it is,… Continue Reading

Fun Monday

Posted in Just for Fun

Is “Fun Monday” an oxymoron?  Thought I’d share some humor today… Most of us can use it on Mondays: Visit Dissociate.net for a daily laugh about some aspect of firm life.  The voice behind it says he likes his firm but wants to put the fun back into practice.  I think he’s onto something. Legal Humour is… Continue Reading

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Posted in Just for Fun

       In honor of Cinco de Mayo, today we'll explore life at the other bar.   Cadillac Margarita 2 oz. Cuervo 1800 tequila (some suggest increasing the tequila significantly) 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier 2 oz. lime juice All ingredients poured over ice into a tall mixing glass, shaken briskly, strained into chilled cocktail glass with salted… Continue Reading