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Nine Ways You’re Losing Business (part 3)

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers, Nine Reasons You're Losing Business

Welcome to part 3 of a 10-part series, Nine Ways You’re Losing Business—and What to Do About It. To view the previous posts in this series, click on the category above titled “Nine Reasons You’re Losing Business“. Reason No. 2 You’re Losing Business: You don’t really see your clients. Sure, you see your clients. You… Continue Reading

What’s the Problem?

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

When you aren’t achieving the results you want to see from your business development activity, you almost certainly have one of three problems. Identify the problem, make a thoughtful shift, and you will likely see your results change. (The difficulty, of course, is in knowing what change to make, but that’s another topic for another… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: Do this & never compete on price again

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

Warning:  Being a fungible billing unit is bad for growing your law practice! I’ve written previously on finding your Unique Service Proposition, which distinguishes you from other lawyers (and non-lawyers) serving your ideal clients’ legal needs.  In that article, I noted that if you are one of a pool of fungible practitioners, you’ll be forced… Continue Reading

How Else May I Help You?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

While visiting Wyoming last summer, I had an epiphany that made owning a home there possible:  I could buy a duplex.  Renting out one side would not only give me the cash flow to pay for the property, but it would also alleviate the problems of wintertime absentee ownership.  (Love Wyoming though I do, this… Continue Reading

Avoid overwhelm: hit reset!

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

A client recently called me, and I could hear the tension in his voice right away.  Too many projects coming due at the same time (and thus, another long weekend in the office) combined with sheer exhaustion to make Rick an unhappy lawyer.  “I just don’t know how I’m going to get it all done. … Continue Reading

Could you be unemployable? It’s up to you.

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Guest blogger

Introducing Ron Peterson, a guest author.  To learn more about Ron, scroll to the end of his post. Lawyers will often carry Phi-Beta Kappa keys, law review credentials, marquee college and law school degrees, and—after a few years of diligent and conscientious practice—a growing realization that they may be unemployable! How can this be? Throughout… Continue Reading

Under pressure? Don’t get rattled.

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

I noticed another lesson in the Olympics last night.  I watched the 400m relays and saw the U.S. men’s and women’s teams disqualified for dropping the baton.  The men quit running after the drop, but the women’s team anchor Lauryn Williams picked up the baton and ran the rest of the race.  It was hard to… Continue Reading

Attaining leadership in a bar association

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

Working on a bar association committee or project is a good way to get leadership experience quickly. The reason is simple: because of the number and variety of bar associations (the ABA, state, city/county, area-of-practice, group affiliations, etc.) and the number and variety of sections and committees within each, leadership opportunities are

Are you playing to win?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

Last night, I was watching the men’s gymnastics Olympic competition.  I was struck with the approaches, at least as described by the know-it-all knowledgeable commentators.  (I admit to some impatience with the Olympic commentators, who magnify every misstep and cluck over the athletes’ failings, but that’s another story.)  Some gymnasts played all out, trying their… Continue Reading

A host of great articles in the latest issue of The Complete Lawyer

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Leaving the practice, The practice, Women and the law, Work/life balance

The latest issue of The Complete Lawyer features the theme “What’s Your Exit Strategy?” and includes articles that discuss exits including retirement, job changes, leaving the law, setting up a plan to ensure that your clients will be protected if you’re suddenly unavailable, and more.  Here are a few highlights: Rob Hockett offers simple advice on… Continue Reading

Financial freedom

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, For new lawyers

An anonymous email I received shortly after I began coaching haunts me.  This person (I don’t know whether male or female, but I’ll assume male here) wanted desperately to leave the practice.  He was responding to something I’d written, and he explained that he’d practiced law for nearly 20 years and hated it.  He never liked… Continue Reading

Freedom of Expression

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

While describing an assessment I often use to a lawyer-client, I mentioned that it provides feedback about one’s natural tendencies and those tendences as adapted to work, explaining that almost everyone wears a “mask” of some sort at work. “You got that right,” my client chuckled wryly.  We went on to discuss the discomfort this client… Continue Reading

Freedom to choose

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

It’s been a busy weekend at the Fleming-Brown household.  One of my dogs, Jake, is the most cowardly animal I’ve ever met when it comes to thunderstorms — and the most wily.  Both dogs sleep downstairs in crates, mostly because my cat would become a canape if they were allowed free reign at night.  We’ve… Continue Reading

Is it what you thought it would be?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Musings

My home office in Atlanta is on a two-lane primary road just a few blocks from Emory University’s law school.  Today is graduation, and since about 6:30 AM, I’ve been watching cars full of well-dressed people, taxis, chartered buses, and even limos drive by.  It’s quite the parade!  And in fact, today marks the 15th… Continue Reading


Posted in Coaching for lawyers

 Think back to elementary school.  My guess is (depending on your generation), when the teacher called roll most students responded by saying, “Here!”  And usually, especially by 5th grade or so, one wise guy (were there gunners in elementary school?!) would respond by answering, “Present!”  The other kids would snicker and the teacher might look… Continue Reading

What’s your strategy?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers

Following on last week’s post examining the roles of strategy and opportunity in career planning and business development, today considers strategy vs. tactics.  Assuming that you find value in applying strategy to your own efforts rather than drifting along and hoping for the best, step one is to set the strategy.   Obvious, right?  Well…

Strategy or opportunity?

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, Musings

 I recently read a sentence (in a non-public email, so I won’t cite the source) suggesting that most lawyers and law firms are opportunists, not strategists.  That brought me to a dead stop.  Lawyers are trained (and generally self-selected as well) to think logically and analytically, and most lawyers put a high stock on strategic… Continue Reading

New issue of The Complete Lawyer: Dealing with the jerk at work

Posted in Coaching for lawyers, News, The practice

  “There have always been, and inevitably will be, a certain number of bullies, braggarts, brutes and bigots who manage to insinuate themselves into any assemblage of humans, the legal profession not excluded. In the past, these misfits have been dealt with by peer pressure and sanctions; however, as the rude, degrading behaviors creep ever… Continue Reading