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Why you MUST act

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

Overthinking can ruin your plans. One of the biggest mistakes I see lawyers make is coming up with a good, solid plan and then discarding it before ever giving it a shot. Overthinking takes the oomph out of a strategy, and there’s no better way to short-circuit than to let fear take over and reverse a decision.   … Continue Reading

Under pressure?

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

“Pressure is what you feel when you don’t know what you are doing.” – Peyton Manning This quote stopped me in my tracks. My first inclination was to disagree, because I sometimes feel pressure because of a deadline or because of the importance of some activity, even though I know what I’m doing.  Digging a… Continue Reading

How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

LinkedIn is, de facto, the preeminent social media platform for professional purposes. As of May 2014, LinkedIn featured over 300 million mostly professional users, growing by two new members per second. (Read this article for 100 staggering statistics about LinkedIn.) How can you construct a profile that stands out? I happened across a really nice… Continue Reading

9 ways to fail in sales

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

I read a terrifically useful article this week titled How You Fail in Sales.  Before you discard its relevance because of the word sales, remember that sales is partly persuasion (of any kind—see Daniel Pink’s To Sell Is Human for more on this) and partly conversation designed to discover a match between a potential client’s… Continue Reading

Is client loyalty dead?

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

This week, I’ve been reading Simon Sinek’s fantastic book Start with Why. (I mentioned him a few months ago in connection with Good Life Project podcast about purpose. This quote jumped out at me: There is a big difference between repeat business and loyalty. Repeat business is when people do business with you multiple times…. Continue Reading

Reluctant Rainmakers’ Five Steps to a Profitable Practice

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

Most of us didn’t have any law school training about business development.  (Fortunately for today’s students, that’s starting to change.) Law school classes tended to assume that the clients would just be there and that being a good lawyer is all that’s necessary to build a book of business. I’m not convinced that was ever… Continue Reading

Build client value

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

When you recognize a problem that a client is facing and you offer help, you create real value for your client. I’ve written previously about how an offhand conversation with my contractor Oldrich resulted in my purchasing property in Wyoming with his help. Making that purchase realized a long-term dream for me, and it created… Continue Reading

The Romance (or Not) of Practicing Law and Getting Business

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

Nearly 10 years ago now, David Maister (a now-retired advisor to professional services firms) wrote a brilliant article distinguishing the relational and transactional views of client relations.  Here’s the crux of Maister’s argument: In The Trusted Advisor (Free Press, 2000), my coauthors and I pointed out that building trusting relationships with clients leads to many benefits: less fee resistance,… Continue Reading

Legal Business Development: How do I choose the right differentiators?

Posted in Business Development, Coaching for lawyers

A reader recently sent in a question following this article about finding ways to stand out from other practitioners in your field. After outlining several potential points of differentiation, this general litigator asked, “I just can’t figure out how to make myself stand out in a town with thousands of attorneys.  I write, I speak,… Continue Reading