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Legal Business Development: What You MUST Learn From Law Firm Layoff Trends

Posted in Client development, Coaching for lawyers

On Monday morning, I read a Wall Street Journal article sharing the news that law firms have “regained some of their pricing power” and that hourly rates are up an average of 4.8% from 2011.  (The article is worth reading from the specifics behind that average, as well as for the perspective over time.)  [Original… Continue Reading


Posted in Client development

What greeting do your clients receive when they contact your office? Do clients feel that they’re welcome?  Or are they left with the impression that they’re interrupting something more important? How your staff handles client contact (or how you handle it, if your practice doesn’t include staff members) will have a significant, though probably unspoken,… Continue Reading

Find Your Weekly Minimum

Posted in Client development

What happens to your business development activity when you get busy? If you’re like many others, you may find that it slips.  I’ve had more than a handful of clients who hire me to ramp up their rainmaking, and they succeed — right to the point that they’re so busy they pause and start backsliding…. Continue Reading

I Did The Work… Now What?

Posted in Client development, Legal marketing blogs

You’ve put in your dues. You’ve worked hard to become the accomplished lawyer you are now, and you have all manner of credentials that demonstrate your expertise.  You’ve worked with a variety of organizations and individuals, you’ve written articles and book chapters, and you may even have served a turn teaching. How can you leverage… Continue Reading

WRA 12/1/09: Are you doing it wrong?

Posted in Client development, Special offers

I recently spoke with a lawyer who had tried a variety of business development activities, all to no avail.  She’d written articles, she’d taught seminars, she’d advertised, she’d attended some networking events, she’d posted her profile on various social networking sites, and so on.  But after all of that, she didn’t have any results to… Continue Reading

Will you make 2010 your best year yet in practice?

Posted in Client development, Coaching for lawyers, Special offers

Join the Lawyers’ Business Development Boot Camp On last week’s call Business Development Made Simple, I introduced the Lawyers’ Business Development Boot Camp, a 7-week program that’s designed to harness the opportunities that come at the end of 2009 to propel you into your best year in practice yet.   The Boot Camp includes several… Continue Reading

Invitation for Complimentary Teleconference

Posted in Client development, News

Please join me on Wednesday, November 11 at 12:30 PM ET for a complimentary teleclass, “Business Development Made Simple.” Do you have all the business you want?  During “Business Development Made Simple” I’ll share my rainmaking system, including: How to make the most of your networking (with action items you can implement during the upcoming… Continue Reading

Weekly Rainmaker Activity 10/19/09

Posted in Client development

Today’s rainmaker activity is a quick one.  You are on LinkedIn, right?  If not, your activity is obvious: get your profile up right away.  LinkedIn has over 38 million users, most of whom are professionals of some sort, and because of the site’s popularity, there’s a decent chance that your LinkedIn profile could land at or near… Continue Reading

Weekly Rainmaker Activity 10/12/09

Posted in Client development

One-on-one meetings with individuals offers one of the best opportunities for business development, and attending organizational meetings and networking opportunities gives you the chance to meet a lot of people in a short time.  That’s ideal – if you’re meeting the right people. How can you identify the right organizations for your purposes?  First, refresh your… Continue Reading

Weekly Rainmaker Activity 10/05/09

Posted in Client development

One of the comments to last week’s WRA post about checking written materials for client-centric language requested an example of a “good” paragraph and a “bad” paragraph.  Because of my travel schedule, I knew I wouldn’t be able to respond until today, so today’s WRA offers the requested examples.  Please note: these examples are drawn… Continue Reading

Weekly Rainmaker Activity 9/28/09

Posted in Client development

What written marketing materials do you have?  Examples include a website, a one-page description of your practice, a newsletter, articles, and so on.  For this week’s activity, choose one item for review.  (Although I would generally include a biographical sketch as written marketing material, exclude it for this week’s purposes.) As you read your marketing… Continue Reading

Weekly Rainmaker Activity 9/21/09

Posted in Client development

Pop quiz: Who are your best referral sources?  List the top 10 of each right now.  If you are a more junior lawyer in a law firm and don’t yet have your own clients, list the senior lawyers for whom you do the most work. Were you able to make the list?  This information should… Continue Reading