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Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt way

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Over a year ago when I was visiting my very favorite bookstore (the Upstart Crow, in San Diego’s Seaport Village), I saw a book titled Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way.  Because I am a fan of Mrs. Roosevelt, I knew I had to grab it, but then something happened and distracted me, and I left… Continue Reading

Book Review: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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The subtitle of Maxwell’s book is “Follow Them, and People Will Follow You.”   Each time I read that, I hear a rejoinder in my head: “Don’t follow them, and people won’t follow you.” Revised and updated in 2007 for the 10th anniversary of The 21 Irrefutable Laws, this book is rightly regarded as a foundational… Continue Reading

Empowerment and Leadership: Tried and True Methods for Women Lawyers

Posted in Book reviews, Women and the law

 Empowerment and Leadership: Tried and True Methods for Women Lawyers is a 50-page booklet produced by the ABA Commission of Women in the Profession based on focus groups interviews with  lawyers in over 100 law firms and corporations.  The project was clearly directed toward prescribing steps to correct the gaping discrepancy between female representation in… Continue Reading

David Maister’s Strategy & the Fat Smoker

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 As the title of David Maister’s forthcoming book Strategy and the Fat Smoker suggests, the problem isn’t that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we know and choose to ignore.   Based on a series of articles written and posted online, Maister’s latest offering promises a dose of “real” strategy: “Real strategy lies not… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Dynamic Path

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I recently read executive search consultant James M. Citrin’s The Dynamic Path, which promises “access [to] the secrets of champions to achieve greatness through mental toughness, inspired leadership, and personal transformation.”  In brief, the book examines the paths taken by numerous sports champions to find the common thread that allowed them to progress through the… Continue Reading

Make it memorable.

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One of the best books that I’ve started reading¹ this year is Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.  The thrust of the book is that ideas that are memorable share certain common features.  By learning those features, you can make your own ideas more “sticky.”  The six principles that the Heath brothers… Continue Reading