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Monday Shorts 10/22/07

Posted in Blogs I like, Quick hits

This week’s shorts are posted on Monday instead of Tuesday for two reasons: first, because some very skilled people have been making (as-yet not visible, but substantial) changes to my blog and I don’t want to upset that applecart, and second, because I’ve been in San Diego for the past week for a conference and… Continue Reading

Introducing BlawgWorld 2007: get your free copy today!

Posted in Blogs I like, News

I am excited to join the fanfare introducing BlawgWorld 2007.  (Download your free copy by clicking the image above or this link.)  This nifty eBook includes posts selected from 77 of the “most influential” legal blogs, addressing practice management issues, substantive issues, technology issues, and more.  I am honored that Life at the Bar is included. If you… Continue Reading

Wednesday Grab Bag

Posted in Blogs I like, Just for Fun, News

Another pointer to some interesting goings-on…  1.  The 800-CEO-READ Blog has an interesting post about the necessity of praising twentysomething workers for absolutely everything, because parents, teachers, and so on have rewarded this generation with everything from verbal reminders to winner’s ribbons and gold stars, following on a similar (but unlinked) WSJ article published last weekend.  The post… Continue Reading

WSJ Blog takes on work/life balance; will salary bump stem associate attrition?

Posted in Blogs I like, Work/life balance

In early December, the Wall Street Journal started a new blog, The Juggle, dedicated to work/life balance issues.  The tag line limits the discussion to “choices and tradeoffs people make as they juggle work and family,” and I’ll be curious to see whether the posts will continue on that line or whether they’ll broaden out… Continue Reading

Public perception of lawyers

Posted in Blogs I like, Musings, The practice

Someone recently found this blog with a search on “All Lawyers Are Assholes.”  Yes, complete with the initial caps.  After I quit laughing (and got over being briefly miffed that this search implies that I, too, am an asshole simply because I’m a lawyer), I started wondering whether the searcher was looking for confirmation of his/her… Continue Reading