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Discipline, Experience, and Innovation: 5 Must-Read Blog Posts

Posted in Coaching for lawyers
  1. Why “Inspirational Quotes” Don’t Work (and what does).  Peter Shankman, founder of Help A Reporter Out(“HARO”) writes convincingly on the short-lived motivation from inspirational quotes.  I love quotes, but I agree that they won’t carry you for the long haul.
    Shankman suggests this instead:  ”Do today, what you know you can do tomorrow.” In business development terms, that’s one reason it’s generally more effective to spend 30 minutes on marketing every day than it is to plan a half-day of marketing once a week.  (And by the way, HARO often features reporter queries for lawyers, so you or a staff member should make it a practice to scan them.)
  2. The Diet & Exercise of Marketing.  I’ve written more than once about the parallels between the discipline of healthy living and the discipline of business development.  Ryan Patrick, contributing editor to The Daily Blur, draws the same parallels and recommends a 7-point approach for getting out of the old “normal” and creating a new “normal” that will set you up to meet your goals.My favorite line?  “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”  Marketing, like diet and exercise, is really pretty simple, but doing it — and especially doing it day in and day out — isn’t easy, and there’s no magic pill.  (Pay attention to point 5, too.)
  3. Overheard at the American Bar Association’s Women in Law Leadership (WILL) Academy.  Dyanna Q, writing for Ms. JD, summarized some of the points from panels at the WILL Academy.  Although the Academy was designed for women, many of the points are useful for men as well.  A few favorites:
    • “Get yourself a ‘kitchen cabinet’ – a personal group of advisers and mentors who provide valuable feedback / guidance.”  (Edith Perez, speaking on Setting Our Sights on the C-Suite)
    • “The most important tip to rainmaking:  reciprocity.”  (Victoria Pynchon, speaking on Communication Skills:  Can We Talk?)
    • “You need courage, a sense of fearlessness, and maybe a hint of stubbornness to overcome challenges.”  (Jennifer Siebel Newsom, speaking on Changing the Rules of the Game)
  4. LinkedIn Tops 200 Million Members:  One simple way lawyers can use it.  One of the complaints I hear most often about LinkedIn is that it’s more like a directory than a social network.  LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe, author of Real Lawyers Have Blogs, shares a simple tip to overcome that issue:  share information and updates, and respond to others who are sharing.And don’t miss Kevin’s post, Is your law firm using Google+?  It ought to be.
  5. Book Review — Heads in Beds:  A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality.  This synopsis from Dan Morris of the VeraSage Institute presents the book’s lessons on client service (figure out what clients what, then figure out how to meet and preferably exceed that) and leadership (especially when it comes to supporting staff’s efforts to deliver excellent client service).